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Janek Ambros - Producer/Founder


Janek is an award winning director, producer, and writer who received his undergraduate degree in Economics at Siena College. After graduating, Janek started Assembly Line Entertainment in 2012 and obtained his MFA in Film Producing.


While the company began producing features, he directed the feature documentary "Imminent Threat" under the company umbrella which tackles the War on Terror's impact on civil liberties, executive produced by Academy Award nominee James Cromwell. Janek's second feature film as director, also executive produced by Cromwell, is the upcoming film "Mondo Hollywoodland" which comes out in early 2020.


As a producer of nearly a dozen features, his most notable features are "Ten Thousand Saints" starring Ethan Hawke and Hailee Steinfeld, and Asa Butterfield which premiered at Sundance Film Festival in early 2015 and the upcoming film "Human Capital" staring Marisa Tomei and Maya Hawke.

Robbie Leacock - Producer


Originally from London, Robbie has a truly unique blend of expertise and experience as a producer of independent film, sports broadcasting, animation and television.

Robbie spent several years producing content for the sports broadcaster Supersport in South Africa before moving to the United States. He co-produced the political documentary ‘Imminent Threat’ for director Janek Ambros and executive producer James Cromwell. In 2016, Robbie joined Potboiler Productions (The Constant Gardener, A Most Wanted Man) in London where he was assistant producer on Stanley Tucci’s ‘Final Portrait’ with Geoffrey Rush and Armie Hammer and Lenny Abrahamson's 'The Little Stranger' with Domhnall Gleeson, Ruth Wilson and Will Poulter.

Robbie then returned to South Africa and worked as associate producer on Gideon Raff’s (Homeland, Tyrant) 2019 thriller ‘The Red Sea Diving Resort’ with Chris Evans, Haley Bennett, Sir Ben Kingsley. He has also written and produced a children's animated series 'ImagiMates' and will produce Assembly Line's first TV series 'The Flat Tires', which he also wrote. 

Marcus Hart - Filmmaker/New Media


Marcus is a filmmaker from Albany, New York. He was educated at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, and has since gone on to become a vital part of Assembly Line Entertainment, where he has flourished as a writer, director, and producer. He has in particular a strong commitment to the celluloid film medium, and recently teamed up with Kodak as a writer/director/producer of a film entitled "The Present" shot on their new Kodak Pro 8. For films coming out in 2019, Marcus wrote "Mondo Hollywoodland" and co-produced for the feature film "Tape" directed by Deborah Kampmeir.

Jing Xue - Producer


Jing Xue is a Bejjing producer and filmmaker who received her B.A. degree in 2010 at The Beijing Film Academy. For nearly a decade she produced many films from all over the world, including being nominated by Hong Kong Film Awards in 2017, Hindered Flowers Awards and Berlin Film Festival. Her work spans unscripted, narrative, and commercials.

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