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Hey, Johnny! (Film)


Despite problems with alcohol, gambling and having virtually no understanding of how the movie industry work, delusional but charming talent manager Johnny "Hollywood" Bortello tries to dissuade his one promising client from leaving him.

The Flat Tires (TV)


A hilarious mockumentary following the misadventures of Cape Town's latest criminal gang - 'The Flat Tires'. Follow this band of misfits as they attempt to cross the inequality divide and make a life for themselves by hijacking anything that moves. 

An Honest Neighbor (Film)

A sharp-witted loner finds her sanity questioned after she accuses the family next door in the disappearance of their own teenage daughter.


Fairfax (Film)


A Hollywood couch surfer struggling with purpose in his life, is forced to find some in order to pay back his best friend and finally fulfill the potential he has. 

Nixon's Nixon (Film)

Adapted from the critically acclaimed play by Russell Lees, Nixon's Nixon is a dual portrait of Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger on the eve of Nixon's resignation.


Mondo Oligarchy (Film)

Establishment Democratic Congressman Paxton Weston loses his re-election, has a mental breakdown, then joins a socialist-anarchist collective in New York.